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TEACH FLOSSING because next to brushing it is the best tool we have for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Daily flossing is an important habit to help our kids develop early on. This is not something your kids will do without being taught. You must teach flossing.

Tips to Teach Flossing

Here are some great tips for parents with kids who are learning how to floss. Talking to your kids and showing them how to complete this daily exercise will set them up for better oral hygiene.

1. Explain what flossing does for their teeth. They will be more motivated to floss if they understand why it’s important.
2. Help them see flossing as one of the coveted Big Kid skills, like tying their shoes or riding a bike without training wheels. They’ll be excited to prove how grown up they are by flossing.
3. If using traditional floss, teach flossing through demonstration. Show your child how to pull out the right amount (about eighteen inches) and loosely wrap it around their middle fingers, with just an inch or two left in the middle to slide between teeth.
4. Help them get the hang of good flossing technique. Use a back-and-forth motion and form a C-shape around a tooth to slide the floss down to the gums without snapping. Flossing should be gentle, not painful!
5. Show them how to move the floss along so they’re using clean floss for each tooth. The point is to get rid of plaque, not just move it around!
6. If traditional floss is too challenging, it’s okay to use floss picks or flossers instead.

Establishing good oral hygiene young

As parents, we understand you have a lot to teach your children. Teach flossing to your child along with brushing for good oral hygiene. If you work to form these good habits at a young age, your child will be set up for a lifetime of success. Pairing these two techniques together will help your child have a prettier smile. Children who are able to keep their teeth clean and plaque free also are more likely to have easier dental appointments. They will be excited to come to the dentist as we will praise your child for their diligent work taking care of their teeth.

Fun activity to Teach Flossing

A great activity to teach small children how to floss involves making playdough. This blog shows a simple recipe for homemade playdough, which is always a winner for kids. After you make the playdough in your color of choice (we love bright colors!), you place it between a single row of contrasting Mega Blocks or Duplos. Then you grab some dental floss. Show your child how to thread between the playdough and the plastic block rows. They will learn how to hold the floss and control where it goes. This is a great activity for developing your child’s motor skills. It makes flossing fun for your little kiddo!

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