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Protecting dentistry patients from Covid-19

Last month K-12 students returned to school. This year back-to-school is met with the typical nervousness and excitement of a new teacher or a new school, but it is also paired with the nervousness of Covid-19 as the Delta variant is quite contagious. Our office understands these concerns and continues our safety protocols that have been in place for more than a year. 

Checking in for your appointment

The safety protocols start with the check-in. Like many medical offices, we have shut down our waiting room. A patient or their guardian can notify the medical office of their arrival via text. This allows for reduced contact and spreading of germs in a waiting room, especially for pediatric patients who used to be able to play with toys in a waiting room.

Once the patient is checked in with the front office, the clinical staff brings the patient and guardian inside where a medical screening is conducted. Sneeze guards have been installed at check in and check out to help assist with social distancing. We use the standard American Dental Association (ADA) wellness form and then check the temperature of the patient and parent/guardian. Anyone who registers a temperature of 100.0+ or shows symptoms must reschedule their appointment to at least 2 weeks out.

We take another step after this. We ask patients who are four years old or older to rinse their mouth by swishing and spitting out a hydrogen peroxide/water solution prior to treatment (recommended to help with any spreading of germs for dental treatment). 

Who can accompany a minor 

Many medical offices have become less crowded over the last year partially because minors can only be accompanied by a single guardian on visits. In addition to this, we also ask that siblings or other children who do not have an appointment not attend the dental visit. This has become the norm across many medical practices from pediatric doctors to ophthalmologists as well as dentists. Certain medical procedures do allow for a second guardian to attend. We always discuss those situations with the patient’s family.

Mask protocol

In a pediatric dentist office, all adults are asked to wear masks. The parent or guardian who accompanies the patient is asked to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose the entire time they are in the building. 

Our dental staff also wears masks to help protect themselves and our patients. Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry staff has taken n95 mask required fit testing to ensure our masks are worn properly. Our staff utilizes safety gear including: n95 masks, Level 1-2-3 masks, face shields, and sneeze guards. 

Cleaning process

Medical offices have always been required to be clean to keep everyone safe. In a dentist office, instruments must be properly cleaned and sterilized after each patient’s use as mandated by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC. 

Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry is proud to utilize the PUREAIR 3000C Dental Office Air Purification System. This system cleans the air and surfaces 24/7 providing a safer environment. Beyond that, it provides a nightly deep cleaning of the office. In addition to removing mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors, the system also removes allergens. For an office in East Tennessee, this is a great added benefit! 

You can see all of these steps are in place to keep our patients and their families safe. We go the extra mile because we love our patients. 

Covid-19 vaccination

In order to protect patients and their families, the Tennessee Dental Association has strongly encouraged vaccination of dentists and their staff. This recommendation stands not only for Covid-19 but also for other infectious diseases. Our staff has been encouraged to take the vaccine to help reduce their chances of getting sick and spreading diseases in our community. 

Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry provides dental services for children and adolescents in the Lakeway Area. We strive to provide a fun, caring, and child-friendly environment. The doctors and staff take the Covid-19 concerns seriously and desire to keep each patient and their family safe. To make an appointment with one of Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry’s doctors, please call: 423-247-1994.

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