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CHILDHOOD IS A TIME of scraped knees and bumps and bruises as kids run around discovering the world. As pediatric dentists, we want to help parents minimize the risk of their kids getting preventable tooth injuries while they’re enjoying what childhood has to offer.

The Main Risks in Tooth Injuries

For babies and toddlers, the majority of tooth injuries happen from a slip in the bathtub. Keeping a close eye on them while they’re in the tub will help, as will a non-slip bath mat.

Playground equipment is a common cause of tooth injuries in older kids, including monkey bars, jungle gyms, and even swings. Make sure to talk about safety with the kids when they’re playing on this kind of equipment. Balls and frisbees are also a risk, so stress the importance of not aiming for each other’s heads when playing with them.

Plan for an Accident

Even when we’re careful, accidents can still happen, so make an emergency plan. If a tooth gets knocked out and it wasn’t a baby tooth that was already loose, first pick it up by the crown–not by the root. Then rinse it with a saline solution. If that isn’t available, milk or running water are also good options. Don’t scrub the tooth–just rinse it. Then reimplant it. This simply means to try to put it back in the socket and then proceed to the dentist. If for some reason you cannot reimplant it, store it in a glass of milk.

We’ve talked about the process, but if you would like to check out a video on this topic, here is a great one of a dentist walking you through the process. He reminds you to always schedule a visit with your doctor to update your tetanus shot after an injury as well. What a great reminder!

Tooth Injuries are Less Frequent for Healthy Teeth

We can also protect our kids’ teeth by keeping them healthy! Healthy teeth are less vulnerable to getting knocked out than teeth weakened by decay and gum disease. Be sure to brush at least twice a day and floss between teeth. We’ve previously talked about how to build these healthy habits including teaching children how to floss. Our diets also impact our oral health. Avoiding sugars will make it easier to care for your family’s teeth.

Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry provides dental services for children and adolescents in the East Tennessee Area. We strive to provide a fun, caring, and chil-friendly environment. We are here to help your children form healthy oral hygiene habits and help them take care of their teeth. We are conveniently located in Kingsport at 1741 Moreland Drive. To make an appointment with one of Kingsport Pediatric Dentistry‘s doctors, please call: 423-247-1994.

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